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In addition to its regular faculty, the Literature section also includes a changing cast of lecturers who may teach one or two subjects in a given term. If you do not find the instructor you are looking for on the following list, please consult the Literature office (lit@mit.edu) for contact information. For more information on the classes taught by individual faculty members, please go to their webpage and click on the appropriate class links.


Head, Literature Faculty
Mary Fuller Mary Fuller

Professor Mary Fuller

Email: mcfuller@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/mfuller.php

Research Interests: Renaissance English literature; Milton; colonial North American literature and culture; travel writing and cultural encounter; history of the book

Classes Taught: Foundations of Western Culture, Renaissance to Modernity; Reading Poetry; World Literatures; Shakespeare; Medieval Literature; Renaissance Literature; Studies in Drama; Studies in Poetry; Major Authors; Problems in Cultural Interpretation; Literature and Technology

Sandy Alexandre Sandy Alexandre

Associate Professor (Tenured) Sandy Alexandre

Email: alexandy@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/salexandre.php

Research Interests: African-American literature and culture, visual studies, women's & gender studies, performance studies, and material culture studies.

Classes Taught: Reading Fiction; Introduction to American Literature; The American Novel; Race & Identity in American Literature

Arthur Bahr Arthur Bahr

Associate Professor Arthur Bahr

Email: awbahr@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/abahr.php

Research Interests: Old and Middle English literature; the literary and physical structure of medieval compilations; medieval London's literary, political, and legal culture; chivalric performance and spectacle.

Classes Taught: Foundations of Western Culture; Introduction to Drama; Classical Literature; Medieval Literature

Eugnie Brinkema Eugnie Brinkema

Assistant Professor Eugnie Brinkema

Email: brinkema@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/ebrinkema.php

Research Interests: Film Theory; Violence and Representation; Embodiment and Affect; Critical Theory; Psychoanalysis and Continental Philosophy; Gender and Sexuality Studies

Classes Taught: Forms of Western Narrative, Prizewinners: High-Art Horror

James Buzard James Buzard

Professor James Buzard

Email: jmbuzard@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/jbuzard.php

Research Interests: Nineteenth-century British literature and culture; modernism; cultural criticism and theory; literature and ethnography; travel literature

Classes Taught: Foundations of Western Culture: Homer to Dante; Introduction to Fiction; Forms of Western Narrative; Major English Novels; Romantic Poetry; Victorian Literature and Culture; Studies in Fiction; Major Authors

Kate DelaneyKate Delaney

Lecturer Kate Delaney

Email: kdelaney@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/kdelaney.php

Research Interests:Postmodernism, Science Fiction, Transnational American Studies, Literature and Culture in the Post-Cold-War era

Classes Taught: Reading Fiction, Cyberpunk

Peter DonaldsonPeter Donaldson

Ford Foundation Professor in the Humanities Peter Donaldson

Email: psdlit@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/pdonaldson.php

Research Interests: Shakespeare; Shakespeare on film; Renaissance literature; Machiavelli; educational technology and digital archives

Classes Taught: Foundations of Western Culture I; Foundations of Western Culture II; Shakespeare; Literature and Film; The Bible; Renaissance Literature; Studies in Film; Literature and Technology

William Donaldson William Donaldson

Visiting Lecturer William Donaldson

Email: wdonald@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/wdonaldson.php

Research Interests: Eighteenth and nineteenth century Scottish literature and popular culture; Scottish traditional music especially that of the Highland bagpipe.

Classes Taught: World Literatures, Literature and Film: The Vampire in Fiction and Film

Howard Eiland Howard Eiland

Lecturer Howard Eiland

Email: eiland@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/heiland.php

Research Interests: Twentieth-century literature and philosophy, critical theory, film, jazz

Classes Taught: Reading Fiction; Comedy; Shakespeare; Foundations of Western Culture; Major European Novels; Reading Poetry; The Film Experience; Literature and Film

Anne FlecheAnne Fleche

Lecturer Anne Fleche

Email: ashleyfleche@rcn.com

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/afleche.php

Research Interests:

Classes Taught: Film Styles and Genres: Comedy and Crime - Woody Allen & Steve Soderberg; Introduction to Drama

Stephanie FramptonStephanie Frampton

Assistant Professor Stephanie Frampton

Email: sframpton@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/sframpton.php

Research Interests: Latin literature; Roman literary and cultural history; Latin and Greek epigraphy and paleography; Material culture of Greco-Roman literacy and reading; History of the book; Comparative approaches to classical literature

Classes Taught: Foundations of Western Culture: Homer to Dante; Classical Literature: Greek and Roman Mythology; Forms of Western Narrative; Latin Readings

Diana Henderson Diana Henderson

Professor Diana Henderson

Email: dianah@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/dhenderson.php

Research Interests: Shakespeare; Renaissance Literature; Drama; Women's Literature; Media Studies

Classes Taught: Major Media Texts; Literary Interpretation; Studies in Drama; Literary Studies; Popular Narrative; Literature and Film; Modern Drama; Introduction to Drama; Shakespeare; Learning from the Past

Noel Jackson Noel Jackson

Associate Professor (Tenured)Noel Jackson

Email: njackson@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/njackson.php

Research Interests: British literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; poetry and poetics; aesthetics; historiography; critical theory; science and literature

Classes Taught: Reading Fiction; Reading Poetry; The Art of the Probable; Eighteenth-Century Literature; Major English Novels; Romantic Poetry; Literary Interpretation; Studies in Poetry; Studies in Cultural Interpretation

Wyn Kelley Wyn Kelley

Senior Lecturer Wyn Kelley

Email: wkelley@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/wkelley.php

Research Interests: Nineteenth-century American literature; Herman Melville; nineteenth- and twentieth-century women's fiction, popular culture, and media studies; teaching and technology

Classes Taught: Writing About Literature; Reading Fiction; American Literature; Comedy; Popular Narrative; American Novel; American Authors (American Women Writers); Major Authors: Melville and Morrison, After the Masterpiece, Stowe and Twain; Problems in Cultural Interpretation: Literature of Slavery, Melodrama

Alvin Kibel Alvin Kibel

Professor Alvin Kibel

Email: akibel@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/akibel.php

Research Interests: History of Ideas, Literary Theory, Film, Ethics and Literature, Darwin studies

Classes Taught: Foundations of Literature; The Art of the Probable; Tragedy; Literature and Film; Darwin and Design; The End of Nature; Literature and Ethics; The European Novel

Ina Lipkowitz Ina Lipkowitz

Lecturer Ina Lipkowitz

Email: iel@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/ilipkowitz.php

Research Interests: Hebrew Bible; New Testament; Biblical interpretation and criticism; English novels; Romantic poetry; Culinary history

Classes Taught: The Bible; Reading Fiction; Major English Novels; Comedy; Reading Poetry; Writing about Literature; Foundations of Western Culture

Julia PankoJulia Panko

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Julia Panko

Email: panko@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/jpanko.php

Research Interests: Twentieth-century British and Anglophone literature; media theory; modernism; information culture; the novel; the history and future of the book

Classes Taught:

Ruth Perry Ruth Perry

Ann Friedlaender Professor in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Ruth Perry

Email: rperry@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/rperry.php

Research Interests: Eighteenth-Century Studies; Feminist literary and social history; the English novel; history of the family; British and American ballads and folk music; orality and literacy

Classes Taught:

Foundations of Western Culture; Introduction to Fiction; Folk Music of North America and the British Isles; Eighteenth Century Literature; Major English Novels; Jane Austen; Narratives of Kinship in Industrializing Societies (Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies - Radcliffe); Women, Representation, and Music in Selected Folk Traditions of North America and the British Isles (Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies - MIT); Ballads and Broadsides in Eighteenth-Century Culture (post-doc seminar at Folger Library, Washington, D.C.)

Ruth Perry John Picker

Visiting LecturerJohn Picker

Email: jpicker@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/jpicker.php

Research Interests:Victorian literature, transatlantic studies, auditory culture, and media history.

Classes Taught:

Small Wonders, Major Authors: Charles Dickens, Media in Cultural Context: Sound Studies: Literature, History, Media

Shankar Raman Shankar Raman

Professor Shankar Raman

Email: sram@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/sraman.php

Research Interests: Renaissance and late-Medieval literature and culture; colonialism and post-colonialism; history of ideas; history of science; literary theory

Classes Taught: World Literatures; Shakespeare; The Art of the Probable: Literature and Probability; Introduction to Literary Theory; Medieval Literature; Renaissance Literature; Studies in Drama; Studies in Poetry; Problems in Cultural Interpretation

Margery Resnick Stephen Tapscott

Associate Professor (Tenured) Margery Resnick

Email: resnick@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/mresnickphp

Research Interests: Hispanic literature and film; literature and culture of post-Franco Spain; European fiction; contemporary international women’s writing and film; the cultural history of globalization; the history of women at MIT

Classes taught:
In English:
International Women’s Voices; Globalization: the Good, the Bad and the In-Between; Introduction to European and Latin American Fiction

In Spanish: The New Spain: 1977-present; Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature and Film; Literature and Social Conflict in Spain: 1836-1936; Introduction to Spanish Culture

Stephen Tapscott Stephen Tapscott

Professor Stephen Tapscott

Email: tapscott@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/stapscott.php

Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; 20th-century American literature and culture; Modernism; Theory and practice of translation; 20th-century Central European and Latin American poetry; creative writing

Classes Taught: Reading Poetry; Bestsellers; Legacy of England; Comedy; Modernist Poetry; Literary Interpretation; Major Authors

David Thorburn David Thorburn

Professor David Thorburn

Email: thorburn@mit.edu

Homepage: http://lit.mit.edu/people/dthorburn.php

Research Interests: Modern cultural studies; romantic and modern literature; film, media, popular culture; American television; cultural history; American studies; curricular reform in literature and humanities; the role of teaching in higher education

Classes Taught: Writing About Literature; Reading Fiction; The Film Experience; Forms of Western Narrative; Comedy; Popular Narrative; American Television: A Cultural History; Film Styles and Genres; Literature and Film; Literary Interpretation; Problems in Cultural Interpretation; Modern Fiction; Contemporary Literature; Media in Transition [Comparative Media Studies graduate subject]