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Stephen Tapscott
Professor  .  Office: 14N-416  .  PBX: 617-253-4148  .  Email: tapscott@mit.edu

Stephen Tapscott Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; 20th-century American literature and culture; Modernism; Theory and practice of translation; 20th-century Central European and Latin American poetry; creative writing

Stephen Tapscott is a poet whose fields of interest include creative writing (poetry, experimental prose), poetry as a literary genre, and translation. His academic interests include North American writing [especially Walt Whitman, Anglo-American Modernists, writers since WWII], Latin American poetry, world poetries in Russian, German, and Polish; autobiography; gender studies and queer studies; photography and other visual arts. He's published five books of poems and a book of criticism (on Walt Whitman and William Carlos Williams). In recent years he's edited an anthology of Latin American Poetry, and translated books by Pablo Neruda (One Hundred Love Sonnets), Jan Twardowski (God Asks for Love), Wislawa Szymborska (The End and the Beginning), and Gabriela Mistral (Selected Prose and Prose Poems).


Selected Publications

Another Body [poems]
Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1989

From the Book of Changes [poems]
Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2002

Pablo Neruda, Cien sonetos de amor / 100 Love Sonnets [translation]
University of Texas Press, 1996

Selected Prose and Prose Poems of Gabriela Mistral [edition/translation]
University of Texas Press, 2004

20th Century Latin American Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology
University of Texas Press, 1996

...and recent essays on the short poems of A. R. Ammons; T.S. Eliot's use of Dante; Pablo Neruda and the diaries of Christopher Columbus; and the stop-action photographs of Eadweard Muybridge.


Classes Taught

21L.004 Reading Poetry

21L.310 Bestsellers: Detective Fiction

21L.310 Bestsellers: American Icons

21L.325 Small Wonders: Children in Literature, Literature in Children

21L.420 Legacy of England

21L.421 Comedy

21L.487 Modernist Poetry

21L.701 Literary Interpretation

21L.705 Major Authors