Academic Advisors

To see an advisor, please contact the appropriate advisor directly. Most professors have office hours posted on their door but we encourage you to contact them first and let them know when you plan to come by. It’s a good idea to e-mail or call for an appointment – in some instances, you may be able to complete your business via email or phone.

If you need further assistance, drop by the Literature Office at 14N-407 or e-mail

SPRING 2018 Academic Advisors

Concentration Advisors

Pete Donaldson 14N-431 (617) 253-1447
Wyn Kelley 14N-413 617-253-7655
David Thorburn 14N-433 (617) 253-6950
Minor Advisor
Pete Donaldson 14N-431 (617) 253-1447
 Noel Jackson 14N-432 (617) 452-3597
Transfer Credit Examiner
Eugenie Brinkema 14N-408
(617) 253-3068
Undergraduate Officer
Stephanie Frampton 14N-434 (617) 253-4452
UROP Coordinator
Alicia Mackin 14N-407 617-253-5581
Daria Johnson 14N-411 617-324-1659