For Undergraduate Students

Literature at MIT embraces an expansive vision of literary study. We are linked by a common interest in problems of narrative, aesthetics, genre, and media, but our curriculum explores a broad array of written, oral, and visual forms, ranging from the ancient world to the 21st century. We teach poetry, drama, and prose fiction, and also film, television, comics, memoirs, and folk music. Our courses engage students in the pleasures and challenges of reading and interpretation, expose them to fresh ways of thinking about the world, and develop valuable, transferable skills in writing and communication.

Cara Lai
Class of 2016
“What is the truth? How do you interpret someone’s story? These questions get asked all the time in medicine — and they are also asked all the time in literature. The study of literature is about the experience of being human, and that’s inseparable from the practice of medicine.”
Casey Crownhart
Class of 2017
“I love the Literature section because it’s a comfortable but challenging place to be. By that I mean that people in the Literature department, from faculty to staff to other students, care about my education and are invested in me, and I feel like I belong. At the same time though, I’ve been challenged to think in new ways and consider new ideas. It’s a wonderful learning environment to be part of.”