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Mark Letteney

ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow

Mark Letteney is an archaeologist and historian working in the history of incarceration, the history of epistemology, and the archaeology of military occupation.

Mark serves as a co-director of the Solomon’s Pools Archaeological Project and assistant director on the excavation of the Roman 6th Legion at Legio, Israel. His monograph, titled Christianizing Knowledge: Intellectual Transformation and the Beginning of Late Antiquity, explores how imperial Christianity changed the way that ancient scholars in “secular” disciplines made arguments in the fourth and fifth centuries CE, and the reflection of new scholastic practices in manuscripts from the Theodosian Age

His second book, co-authored with Matthew Larsen, brings together documentary, archaeological, literary, and visual evidence to present a synthetic account of the ideology and experience of incarceration in the ancient Mediterranean basin, from 300 BCE–600 CE.