July 10, Prof. Noel Jackson to Present “Hunger Artists” at NASSR 2014: Romantic Organizations

On Jul. 10, 2014, MIT Prof. Noel Jackson will present “Hunger Artists” at the 22nd Annual North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Conference (NASSR) in Washington D.C. “Hunger Artists” is about how some forms of scientific and literary experimentation in the Romantic period engage with the culture of poverty.

For Fall 2014 semester, Prof. Jackson will be teaching “Reading Poetry” and “Small Wonders: Media, Modernity, and the Moment: Experiments in Time.” Jackson blogs at http://noelbjackson.wordpress.com/

The 22nd NASSR Conference in 2014 will meet in Washington, DC, from 10-13 July 2014.  The theme of the conference is “Romantic Organizations.”  The theme is meant to be broadly construed to include:

1.     Societies (erotic, political, scientific, artistic, radical)

2.     Bodily (organs, anatomy, physiology, affect, emotion)

3.     Mental (phrenology, psychology, imagination, brain)

4.     Knowledge (taxonomy, discourse, categories, philosophical, historical, literary)

5.     Encyclopedia (forms of knowledge)

Image from NASSR 2014 website

Image from NASSR 2014 website