Anne Fleche

Anne Fleche


Anne Fleche arrived at MIT in the 1997, to teach David Halperin’s “Sexualities” course for Women’s Studies. Since joining the Literature Section, she has taught many drama and film courses, including “Forbidden Plays in Modern America” and “Tarantino and the Coens.” Teaching is her dream job. Her writing ranges across the fields of drama, film, memoir and performance, exploring the theatricality of experience, and the role of performance in subjectivity. In addition to her professional work, she helps to raise funds for her local public library. She is married to a nurse, Jane Ashley, who teaches at Boston College. Together they dance zumba and read the latest Young Adult novels.

Anne Fleche has an MA in Applied Linguistics from The University of Massachusetts-Boston, and MA and PhD in English from Rutgers University.

Film, Theatre and Performance, Language Theory, Theories of subjectivity


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Subjects taught in recent years:

21L.005 Introduction to Drama (Spring 2019)

21L.005 Introduction to Drama (Spring 2020)

21L.433 Film Styles and Genres: Suspense (Fall 2017)

21L.435 Literature and Film (Spring 2018)

21L.486 Modern Drama (Spring 2021)