Michael Lutz

Michael Lutz


Michael Lutz received his PhD in English literature from Indiana University. His research interests include early modern British literature and culture, especially the drama of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries; media studies, including digital media and videogames; philosophy and literature; and the history of humanism and the humanities.

His in-progress monograph reconsiders early modern humanism’s impact on London’s commercial playwrights, for whom it provided a prototypical media theory that proclaimed the social benefits of art, literature, and drama. The human thus emerges as the producer but also product of the media ecologies it inhabits. Michael’s published or forthcoming articles cover topics ranging from the early modern stage’s dramatization of racist and racializing tropes drawn from humanist rhetoric, to the implications of Shakespeare and his plays’ appearances in contemporary postapocalypse narratives.

Michael is also an independent interactive fiction writer and narrative designer, and co-host of the podcast Game Studies Study Buddies, which critically discusses books of academic games studies for an interdisciplinary public audience.