Fall 2021

21L.011 Introduction to Film Studies Eugenie Brinkema
Lecture T 3:30-5:00p 3-270
Screening M 7:00-10:00p 3-270
Recitation 1 R 3:00-4:00p 1-277
Recitation 2 R 4:00-5:00p 1-277

Prereq: none
3-3-6 HASS-A, CI-H
Topics: Improves Close Reading, Includes Critical Theory, Is Writing-Intensive, Thinks about Gender or Sexuality, Thinks about Popular Culture, Thinks about Race or Class, Works with Visual Materials/Film/Media

Films are familiar to you; this course should make them strange again.  Introduction to film studies will concentrate on close analysis and criticism. Students will learn the technical vocabulary for analyzing the cinematic narrative, frame, and editing; develop the critical means for turning close analysis into interpretations and comparative readings of films; and explore theoretical issues. We will look beyond the surface pleasures of cinema to ask how films are put together; what choices are made formally, narratively, and politically in the constructions of different types of films; and how films have changed historically and in different production and national contexts. We will study a wide range of works made between 1895 and 2020, including films from the early silent period, documentary and avant-garde films, European art cinema, and contemporary Hollywood fare.