Fall 2021

21L.460 Arthurian Literature Arthur Bahr MW 11:00-12:30p 4-253

Prereq: none
3-0-9 HASS-H
Topics: Includes Hands-on Projects or Making, Studies Adaptations or Translations, Thinks about Gender or Sexuality, Thinks about Popular Culture, Works with Archives

As a quasi-historical, quasi-legendary figure of consistently great popularity, King Arthur has been subject to an extraordinary amount of reinvention and rewriting: as a Christian hero and war-leader; as an ineffective king and pathetic cuckold; and as a tragic figure of noble but doomed intentions. As we trace Arthur’s evolution and that of principal knights, we will ask what underlies the appeal of this figure whose popularity through the centuries has performed the medieval prophecy that he would be rex quondam et futurus: the once and future king.