Spring 2024

Introduction to French Literature

Same Subject As: 21G.320
Prereq: 21G.304 or permission of instructor
Units: 3-0-9 H

A study of major French literary genres and an introduction to methods of literary analysis. This semester students will be part of the jury for the Goncourt Prize USA. “Le Goncourt” is the most prestigious literary prize in France. Students will study and rank books from the Goncourt shortlist. They will elect a representative to present their selection at the Villa Albertine in New York and choose the winner along with students from Princeton, Duke, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Virginia. Meanwhile, the other students will prepare a press article to present their experience as a jury! Authors studied: Jean-Baptiste Andrea, Neige Sinno, Gaspard Koenig, and Eric Reinhardt. Special attention is devoted to the improvement of French language skills. Taught in French.