AMS Colloquium Series Presents, Cicero and the Early Latin Poets Speaker: Hannah Čulík-Baird Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies at Boston University

Wednesday, April 27th @ 5:15pm (ET)
Where: Register for Zoom 
Abstract: Cicero’s writings contain hundreds of quotations of Latin verse from Latin poets of the 2nd century BCE, such as Ennius, Pacuvius, Accius, and Lucilius. In this lecture, Hannah Čulík-Baird explains the significance of Latin poetry to the late Republican orator, contextualizing Cicero’s poetic quotations within contemporary intellectual practices at Rome. Bio: Hannah Čulík-Baird is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Classical Studies at Boston University. Her book, Cicero and the Early Latin Poets, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press (April 2022).

Image: A manuscript of Cicero De Senectute (Arundel 124 f89r, British Library) with a gold box containing the location, title, and speaker’s information. Logos for History@MIT, AMS, and Lit@MIT below.