Graduating Class: '13

Anthony Farrell


“I joined the Literature Section two weeks before the start of classes, during our first FPOP excursion into Boston. I quickly made friends with both the faculty and the staff and, from the first moments, they had me hooked. Every member of the faculty and staff in the Literature Section had (and still has) unique and fantastic stories to tell– about fact or fiction, life or language, what have you! What’s more, they’re good at telling them; they never get tired. Finally, when my love for neuroscience was dashed against the rocks in my sophomore year, it was the Literature Section who pulled me from the wreckage and gave me a new home.

In addition to finding some of the best friends of my college career, I found an astonishing depth of topical expertise amongst the Literature faculty. It was at MIT that I first learned one could study Herman Melville as a career. It was here that I learned that there are indeed other people who consider horror films worthy of dissection! (chuckle, chuckle) Finally, it was here that I discovered my enduring interest in Early Christian texts. For me, studying the different ways that men and women have been telling stories throughout the ages has evolved from a vague interest into a lifelong passion. Whether that passion leads me into a law career, a professorship, or a life in the clergy remains a mystery! Oooooo, wouldn’t you like to know! The suspense!”