April 27 | Get Out; Or, How to Read a Sunken Form | Affects and Emotions in Film Masterclass with Eugenie Brinkema at Universität Wien

Published on: April 26, 2023

Thursday, 27 April, 2023 | 18:30 | Eugenie Brinkema: “Get Out; Or, How to Read a Sunken Form”

Location: Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies (tfm), Seminar room 2H510 (5th floor), UZA II, Rotunde, Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna

Affects and emotions are an integral part of cinema, manifested both in the cinematic form and in the viewer’s reception of the film work. In this series of guest lectures, film and media scholars share their perspectives on the topic of affects and emotions in film, focusing on both established and lesser-known works of world cinema.

For all that Jordan Peele’s lauded horror film Get Out (2017) appears to traffic in the conventional negative affects of the horror genre – anxiety, suspense, panic, shock – Professor Brinkema will argue in her talk that the film in fact models a formal account of violence, one that grounds its critique of racialized terror and the dynamics of aggressions both micro- and micro- in its juxtaposition of the relationship of black life and survival to the question of how to describe and interpret different formal registers of the image.

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