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Caitlyn Doyle


Caitlyn Doyle received her PhD in comparative literature from Northwestern University. Her research interests include Indigenous film, 20th-century literature, and critical theory. Her work explores the intersection of aesthetics and politics. She is currently working on two book projects, Dream-Image: Counter-Dreaming in Indigenous Cinema and The Fugitive’s PoliticsDream-Image considers the political stakes of contemporary Indigenous films that contest the misrepresentations of the colonial imaginary, not in an expository or critical register, but in the register of the dream. The Fugitive’s Politics is organized around literary and cinematic reincarnations of Proust’s Albertine Simonet and uncovers the aesthetic politics at stake in seemingly apolitical modernist works that portray a retreat from recognizable forms of life. Her published work has appeared in journals such as Film Criticism and Symplokē.


Subjects taught the current academic year:

21L.000[J] Writing About Literature: Let's Play Writing about Literature and Loving It (Fall 2024)

21L.433 Film Styles and Genres: G.O.A.T: Classic Film Genres & Why We Love Them (Fall 2024)

Subjects taught in recent years:

21L.433 Film Styles and Genres: G.O.A.T. Classic Film Genres and Why We Love Them (Spring 2024)

21L.435 Literature and Film: Re/presenting Sex and Gender (Fall 2023)

21L.706 Studies in Film: Indigenous Film and Television (Fall 2023)

Research Interests