Graduating Class: ’22

Elliott Barnhill

Literature (21L) & Physics (8)

What was your favorite book, film, or thesis, paper title, etc. from out of Literature? Dawn by Octavia Butler. Or maybe Moby Dick. Or maybe Le Morte D’Arthur. It’s so hard to choose!

What advice would you give a future Literature Major? What did you wish you knew before your journey? Talk to your professors! Please talk to your professors, they want you to succeed.

What’s your favorite animal? Why and how does it relate to Literature or your work? My favorite animal is the pangolin. I chose it to be my favorite because it’s so weird. I guess that relates to my taste in literature because I like to think about weird things, or to find the weird that’s hiding in the mundane. As it turns out, one can find weirdness in just about any text, and I love that!

Additional Notes: I have loved being a Literature major. I’m constantly trying to get other students to take Lit classes, and have loudly proclaimed the superiority of the Lit department, for years now. Thanks so much for this experience!