Eugenie Brinkema Receives Honorable Mention for the MLA Prize for a First Book

Published on: December 3, 2015

On December 1, 2015, The Modern Language Association of America today announced it is awarding its twenty-second annual Modern Language Association Prize for a First Book to Sadia Abbas, of Rutgers University, Newark, for At Freedom’s Limit: Islam and the Postcolonial Predicament, published by Fordham University Press, and to Lital Levy, of Princeton University, for Poetic Trespass: Writing between Hebrew and Arabic in Israel/Palestine, published by Princeton University Press.  Eugenie Brinkema, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has received an honorable mention for The Forms of the Affects, published by Duke University Press. To Read full MLA Press Release. 978-0-8223-5656-1_prThe committee’s citation for Brinkema’s book reads: “The Forms of the Affects is a dazzling exploration of cinematic technique as it pertains to the theory of the affects, enriched throughout with careful reference to philosophy and psychoanalysis. Eugenie Brinkema’s book is beautifully crafted at the level of the sentence and formidable in its overarching argument for the formal composition of emotion. Exhilarating and important, The Forms of the Affects is a work of mature intelligence and great imagination.”