Graduating Class: '15

Ilana Habib

Comparative Media Studies (21W) & Literature (21L)

“I suppose I am a bit of an odd-ball at MIT, as I actually arrived at the Institute already knowing that I wanted to pursue a major within the humanities. Over the course of my studies I have now ended up with two majors in the humanities, with literature being the surprise gift I just happened to stumble into at the beginning of my senior year. For this gift, I have the faculty to thank. While I absolutely adore my coursework within CMS, it was so refreshing to take classes that reminded me of why I had become interested in the link between education and media in the first place. Interacting with the ancestor media of the texts, which were so prevalent in my own research, helped me stay grounded and make new connections in my other work. Literature at MIT has opened my mind to topics and authors that I never would have explored on my own, and I feel that I will forever be a better global citizen and scholar because of the experiences I had within the department. Additionally, while I was only able to experience it for a short time, the community aspect of 21L is not to be overlooked. I relish the conversations I am able to share with both my fellow students and the amazing professors who truly care about our thoughts and experiences, and I can’t wait to see how the relationships I have developed with others in the department will evolve as I continue on my educational journey.”