Graduating Class: '12

Ivana Lucero

Comparative Media Studies and Writing (CMS) & Literature (21L)

“I have been a part of the Literature Section since my freshman year and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Studying Literature at MIT is great in that it allows for a very well-rounded education with the science GIRs and the Literature requirements creating the perfect balance. I also enjoyed the way that the Literature courses introduced me to and complemented the other humanities. Through my Literature classes, I was introduced to the Writing and Comparative Media Studies Departments. This led to my decision to minor in Writing and double- major in Literature and Comparative Media Studies. Literature professors provided excellent direction in my attempt to combine the traditions of these three disciplines. One of my final senior papers compared the narrative evolution of Gothic novels to the narrative evolution of television. While I am still uncertain of how I will be using my degree after graduation, I know that the communication and critical thinking skills I gained while studying Literature with MIT will greatly aid me in whatever field I choose to pursue.”