Office Number: 14N-238

Johann Noh

Research Associate and Program Coordinator for the Global Humanities Initiative

Johann Noh (魯耀翰) is Research Professor at the Institute for Sinographic Literatures and Philology, Korea University where he serves as the head of the nascent Global Humanities Center. He received his BA, MA, and PhD from Korea University. He is the Research Associate and Program Coordinator of the Global Humanities Initiative at MIT for 2023-24

His doctoral thesis “A Philological Study of the Government-sponsored Glossaries on the Chinese Classics from the Early Chosŏn Period” focuses on the process of reception, interpretation, re-edition, and publication of Chinese Classics that were sponsored by the Korean government in the early Chosŏn period (1392-1910), and the roles of editors including the kings, princes, and scholar-officials in this process.

Professor Noh’s research encompasses the classical literatures and philological traditions of East Asia’s Sinographic sphere, and he is currently working on a history of Korean literary culture, on the cultural history of the Confucian Civil Service Examination in the Chosŏn period and the exam literature it produced, and on the history of Korean philology. He is currently writing a book History of the Hermeneutics of Literary Sinitic in the Early Chosŏn Period, and translating the poems of the famed literatus-monk Kim Sisŭp (1435-93) in collaboration with MIT’s Professor Wiebke Denecke for the Hsu-Tang Library of Classical Chinese Literature (Oxford University Press).

At MIT, Dr. Noh will work as Research Associate in his role as Program Coordinator for the Global Humanities initiative. He will also collaborate with Professor Denecke and Professor Tristan Brown (History) on the MITili grant award project “Measuring the Impact of Humanities Learning in an Age of STEM.”