Graduating Class: '08

Lara Kostun

When I came to MIT I was really excited about studying chemical engineering. I knew I was premed and wouldn’t go into industry or research, but I was still very interested in being an engineer. Aside from the science classes I took as many literature classes as I could. I always loved reading, and really loved the lit classes here. During the fall of my junior year I realized I couldn’t stand being 10B anymore, and needed to look for a new major. Luckily I found out about the 21S degree and was able to switch to 21S in literature and chemistry. I loved the new major and loved my advisor, Sandy, who was always there to help me out. It always felt like everyone in the lit department was just much more interested than the science faculty in having a personal connection with the students. Aside from academics I got to participate in a ton of volunteer and mentoring groups, joined Alpha Phi, traveled to Nicaragua to work at a hospital, and founded a new student group to prevent violence in our community. With the help of many wonderful staff I organized MIT’s first weeklong sexual assault awareness program, and I will continue working with MIT medical this summer. After that I’m off to get a Masters in Public Health before heading to medical school, and will miss MIT (especially the lit folks!) very much.