Literature Profile: Marisa Fryer ’15

Published on: June 19, 2015
Marisa Fryer '15 Photography © 2015, MIT SHASS, by Richard Howard.

Marisa Fryer ’15
Photography © 2015, MIT SHASS, by Richard Howard.

Class of 2015 MIT graduate Marisa Fryer, a double major in Literature and Civil and Environmental Engineering, talks about majoring in Literature, completing her “one film a day for a year” endeavor, and creating an art project based on the 1924 black and white short film Ballet Mécanique co-directed by the artist Fernand Léger in collaboration with the filmmaker Dudley Murphy. Marisa is also the winner of the 2015 Peter S. Donaldson Prize for Excellence in Literary Studies which is awarded to a Literature Major each spring who excels academically and is an engaging participant in the literary community at MIT.

“Double Major in MIT Literature and Environmental Engineering”

“365 Films”

“Ballet Mécanique”

Read Literature Profile on Professor Eugenie Brinkema who has taught At the Limit: Violence in Contemporary Representation [MIT OpenCourseWare], On the Screen: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock and The Film Experience and was faculty advisor to Marisa Fryer.

Video Credits
Marisa Fryer — MIT Alumna, 2015
Professor Eugenie Brinkema — Interviewer
Professor Wyn Kelley — Project Director
Suzana Lisanti — Producer & Video Editor
Wesley Issac Richardson — Directory of Photography
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