Graduating Class: '22

Margaret Libby

Literature (21) & Engineering (1)

What was your favorite book, film, or thesis, paper title, etc. from out of Literature? Prof. Tapscott recommended I read Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy after I wrote a paper on Wilfred Owen’s poetry of WWI. I read it (and re-read it) during the first summer of the pandemic and have consistently thought about it since ?

What advice would you give a future Literature Major? What did you wish you knew before your journey? Double majoring is important, because I’m not looking for a career in literature, but the lit department is where I developed my writing ability as I wanted to do in college. And the major (vs a minor) is worth it–I grew a lot over the last 4 classes.

What’s your favorite animal? Why and how does it relate to literature or your work? Dolphins are great! I think there are some entertaining parts of Hitchhiker’s Guide about dolphins. They relate more to my work on coastal engineering than my experiences with literature, though.