RAK: Random Act of Kindness with Lit@MIT!

We know you’re all busy on Zoom, so here are some literary backgrounds to brighten up your day!

*Lit@MIT/The Literature Section does claim any copywriting, licensing, or ownership of these images and photographs: These zoom backgrounds are intended to be used for personal purposes ONLY with no monetary gain.

Bookcase | Mirror

Hamlet, Act 1 | Mirror
Drawn And Etched By Robert Dudley. From The Illustrated Library Shakspeare, Published London 1890.

Belle’s Library
| Mirror
© Disney, 1991. Beauty & the Beast.

Gatsby’s Green Light
| Mirror

Maya Angelou & James Baldwin
| Mirror

The Shining Corridor
| Mirror
© Warner Bros, 1980. Stanley Kubrick, The Shining/Stephen King’s novel, 1977.

Muralla Roja, Spain
| Mirror