Registration Open for Eugenie Brinkema's Talk at the Drew Theology Colloquium on Affect

Published on: March 3, 2016

MIT Literature Prof. Eugenie Brinkema will be speaking at the Drew Theology Colloquium on Affect on March 18-20, 2016 in Madison, N.J. — registration is currently open. “Affect theory is, perhaps, the most prominent development in critical theory in recent years. An ever-increasing assortment of scholars, theorists, and critics in fields as diverse as literary studies, cultural studies, gender studies, queer studies, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, history, political theory, film theory, art theory, and disability studies has turned its attention to affects and emotions. Engagement by scholars of religion with the affective turn, however, remains in an embryonic state. The 15th Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium seeks to catalyze this nascent encounter. Religion has always been deeply entangled with affective experience and trans-rational investigation of the world. Religion and affect theory are already joined in muted dialogue, then. This colloquium will bring together theologians, biblical critics, other scholars of religion, and leading affect theorists from beyond the field of religious studies to turn up the volume and decipher the exchange. In so doing we will foster a more explicit theological engagement with affect theory and through a transdisciplinary exploration uncover more fully its potential for religious studies. Interested faculty, students, and others from Drew and beyond with an appetite for critical theory are welcome to attend the colloquium. Papers are pre-circulated, thus it is important to register in order to participate in the conversation fully.”