Studies in Scottish Literature (Vol. 48, Issue 2) with Prof William Donaldson “Liz Lochhead and the Fairies: Context and Influence in Grimm Sisters and Dreaming Frankenstein”

Published on: June 13, 2023

I began to research what eventually became the Liz Lochhead article nearly forty years ago thinking it would take a few months at most.  It’s a subject close to my heart—I knew the poet in her glory days– and I fancy the piece raises our knowledge of this remarkable writer to a new level. It’s double the length that particular journal usually permits (I think the editors thought it was likely to be a winner), and I have awaited its release impatiently.

Studies in Scottish Literature: Volume 48 Issue 2 Article 14

“Liz Lochhead and the Fairies: Context and Influence in Grimm 
Sisters and Dreaming Frankenstein” by William Donaldson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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William Donaldson is a graduate of the University of Aberdeen (M.A., Ph.D.) and worked for twenty five years with Britain’s Open University before coming to M.I.T. as a visiting lecturer in 2010.  He has written on the political song culture of the Scottish Jacobites, tracing the creation of the semi-mythical figure “Bonnie Prince Charlie”.  He pioneered the use of newspaper sources to study the popular culture of Victorian Scotland and in particular its use of vernacular Scots to deal with the whole range of the contemporary world…