Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
Listeners allowed, space permitting
Prereq: Permission of instructor
Level: U 9 units Standard A – F Grading Can be repeated for credit if subjects are different
Covers topics in Literature that are not provided in the regular subject offerings. Units vary depending on the number of class meetings, readings and assignments. May be repeated for credit if the subjects are different. Approved for HASS-elective credit for Spring 2014 by the Subcommittee on the HASS Requirement.
Paradise Lost retells the Genesis story of mankind’s creation and fall. It is a story of origins—of the universe, human beings, gender and the family, political life, and evil—and of revolutions, beginning with the story of Satan’s revolt against God. Milton was himself involved in wholesale changes to the English state and church; his poem grapples with key existential, theological, and political issues in beautiful and powerful unrhymed verse.
This experimental subject meets on campus over IAP and remotely during S14. The IAP segment cannot be taken independently.
During IAP: an intensive introduction to the poem. During S14: students continue reading, collaborate on a “reader’s guide” of questions, images, ideas, and resources, and assemble a video essay.
Contact: Susan Wiedner, 14N-407, (617) 258-5629,