Students travel virtually to Spain to explore the country’s influence on our understanding of contemporary culture, from its role as the crucible of the international avant-garde, to its genesis of political art and writing, to its Civil War that ignited the artistic passion of authors around the world, to the exuberant liberation after 40 years of dictatorship. Readings include Hemingway, Lorca, Orwell, Neruda, memoirs of Americans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Spanish poetry of the war and the repression that followed, and films by Spanish directors Saura and Almodovar, along with those by Italian, American, and French directors. Films, readings, virtual field trips to museums, and virtual enjoyment of cultural events enable students to understand the full context in which today’s vibrant Spanish democracy emerged. Course offered in English. Enrollment limited.
Week One: Jan 5,  7, 8;
Week Two:  Jan 11, 12, 14, 15;
Week Three, Jan 19, 21, 22;
Week Four: Jan 25 and 26
Class will begin at 11:30am to 3:30pm (Mon., Tues., Thurs, and Fri.), with a lunch break at 1pm. Typical class days will begin with conversations about the assigned readings and/or films we view. There will be no class on most Wednesdays. Midway through IAP, we will have various activities planned after the lunch hour. These activities might be viewing films together, listening to guest speakers, or virtual visits to local places in Spain. For each class day, you are expected to complete the reading/s and to participate in the discussion board. You will be expected to complete short papers throughout the term. Please email Professor Margery Resnick ( if you would like a copy of the syllabus. This is an intensive course that fulfills the requirements a SHASS elective class in terms of hours of work inside and outside of class. Registration begins on Pre-Registration Day: December 1st 2020