Graduating Class: ’23

Trevor S. Carter

Literature (21L) & Electrical Engineering + Computer Science (6-2)

Was there a favorite book or topic that you studied with Literature that you would recommend? Studies in Film on Hitchcock with Brinkema was a personal favorite for a film class. All the Studies in Film subjects are great. Posthumanism with Mangrum is great, as was Ancient Authors with Forte. My two seminars with Lianne Habinek were great too.

What was your favorite book, film, or thesis, paper title, etc. from out of Literature? Books: The Street by Ann Petry, Dawn by Octavia Butler, Paprika by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Films: 8 1/2, everything Hitchcock, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Nightmare on Elm Street.

What advice would you give a future Literature Major? What did you wish you knew before your journey? Take subjects outside what you think you like. I never had a class I tried out and didn’t end up invested in and enjoying. I started by mostly taking film since that was my interest, but migrated almost entirely to classes on novels and poetry.

Fun Fact: What’s your favorite animal? Why and how does it relate to literature or your work? Octopus or squid. Many arms which act almost autonomously, surveying different subjects or topics, but all connected to the central body which combines that information. They’re cunning, escape artists, and have a personality like humans do. Amazing how they have reached a similar intellect despite being almost as far away on the evolutionary tree as they could be from humans.