Visiting Speakers Scheduled for Science and Literature: Antarctica Class

Published on: August 27, 2014

Fuller - 21L350On 9/29 and 10/4, Susan Solomon from the Department of  Earth Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), director of the MIT Environmental Initiative and author of “The Coldest March,” will talk about temperature and the Scott expedition; on 11/24, Maria Zuber (EAPS), Vice President for Research, will tell us about current U.S. research in the Antarctic – and penguins! This Fall, Prof. Mary Fuller is teaching 21L.350 Science and Literature: Antarctica. On the class Stellar page, Fuller says, “We’ll read participant accounts of three Antarctic expeditions, including those of Scott and Shackleton; hear about present-day Antarctic science firsthand from visiting speakers; and think a little bit about poetry and other art inspired (or created) by Antarctic explorers.”