MIT News | Comparative Global Humanities Initiative: Forging climate connections across the Institute

Published on: November 2, 2023

Let’s celebrate Professor Tristan Brown (History) and Professor Serguei Saavedra (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and their project as a members of our Comparative Global Humanities Initiative and the “Environment, Diversity, and the Sacred” Pillar Project group.

Inaugural Fast Forward Faculty Fund grants aim to spur new work on climate change and deepen collaboration at MIT.

Climate change is the ultimate cross-cutting issue: Not limited to any one discipline, it ranges across science, technology, policy, culture, human behavior, and well beyond. The response to it likewise requires an all-of-MIT effort.

Now, to strengthen such an effort, a new grant program spearheaded by the Climate Nucleus, the faculty committee charged with the oversight and implementation of Fast Forward: MIT’s Climate Action Plan for the Decade, aims to build up MIT’s climate leadership capacity while also supporting innovative scholarship on diverse climate-related topics and forging new connections across the Institute.

Professor Tristan Brown, History Section: Humanistic Approaches to the Climate Crisis

With this project, Brown aims to create a new community of practice around narrative-centric approaches to environmental and climate issues. Part of a broader humanities initiative at MIT, it brings together a global working group of interdisciplinary scholars, including Serguei Saavedra (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Or Porath (Tel Aviv University; Religion), collectively focused on examining the historical and present links between sacred places and biodiversity for the purposes of helping governments and nongovernmental organizations formulate better sustainability goals. Boyd Ruamcharoen, a PhD student in the History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) program, will work with Brown on this project.

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