Newly Published Today! "Shakespeare and Digital Pedagogy" edited by Professor Henderson

Published on: December 16, 2021

Anthology Editors: Professor Diana E. Henderson and Kyle Sebastian Vitale “Shakespeare and Digital Pedagogy is an international collection of fresh digital approaches for teaching Shakespeare. It describes 15 methodologies, resources and tools recently developed, updated and used by a diverse range of contributors in Great Britain, Australia, Asia and the United States. Contributors explore how these digital resources meet classroom needs and help facilitate conversations about academic literacy, race and identity, local and global cultures, performance and interdisciplinary thought. Chapters describe each case study in depth, recounting needs, collaborations and challenges during design, as well as sharing effective classroom uses and offering accessible, usable content for both teachers and learners. The book will appeal to a broad range of readers. College and high school instructors will find a rich trove of usable teaching content and suggestions for mounting digital units in the classroom, while digital humanities and education specialists will find a snapshot of and theories about the field itself. With access to exciting new content from local archives and global networks, the collection aids teaching, research and reflection on Shakespeare for the 21st century.” Read more here… Also featured in MIT SHASS: Magazine Said + Done, Dec’21 Shakespeare Studies Volume 49 | Edited by Diana E. Henderson and James Siemon This peer-reviewed annual volume features the work of performance scholars, literary critics, and cultural historians across the globe. The journal focuses attention on Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and also embraces studies of sociopolitical, intellectual, and artistic contexts well beyond the early modern English theatrical milieu.